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check ’em

*there is no one way to check ’em
discover what works best for you and check ’em
  • know your breasts by learning how they look and feel
  • look in a mirror to help you notice any breast changes
  • feel your breasts (e.g., in the bath or shower, before dressing, standing, lying down)
  • use gentle to firm pressure with the pads of your fingers, to feel all your breast tissue
  • remember breast tissue extends up to the collar bone and under your arm pits
  • discover what is normal for you and check ’em often (e.g., after your period)
  • watch for unusual breast/nipple changes (e.g., size, shape, texture, lumps, discharge, pain)
  • seek medical attention for any breast cancer symptom or unusual breast changes
  • seek medical attention for any unexplained or persistent change in your body

Team Shan check ’em shower card

*text PINK 59227 for monthly Breast Self Aware reminder – Bright Pink

“I truly did catch it early, and only because of the self-exams, in Shan’s memory”