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  • every year in Canada, over 1,200 young women are diagnosed with breast cancer
  • every year in Canada, over 100 young women who have been diagnosed will die
  • most breast lumps are not cancer
  • breast cancer does not always start with a lump
  • breast cancer can spread, primarily to the bones, liver, lungs and brain
  • breast cancer in young women is often very aggressive
  • breast cancer in young women is often random and sporadic
  • young women are more likely to be diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer
  • early detection¬†saves lives
  • when breast cancer is found early there is usually a better chance of successful treatment
  • finding cancer early may allow for more treatment options
  • delays in diagnosis are attributed to either young women or physician inaction
  • the majority of all breast cancers are detected by women who report unusual changes to a doctor