Lorna Larsen

Lorna Larsen RN, BScN

Team Shan President

Lorna is a registered nurse, health promotion specialist with over 30 years of public health experience in the province of Ontario. Lorna has worked in all regions of the province for both local public health units and the provincial government. Lorna brings her public health front line staff and management expertise to her role as President of Team Shan Breast Cancer Awareness for Young Women (Team Shan). Lorna is also Shanna’s mother and she continues to share Shan’s journey through cancer care in an effort to make a difference for young women following in Shan’s footsteps.

Lorna was featured in a shout out in the October 2010 issue of Homemakers magazine. Lorna’s story was shared in an April 2013 post by the Cancer Knowledge Network (CKN) entitled No longer a caregiver… Now What! and in February 2020 by the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology (CAPO) Coping with Cancer article entitled Lorna’s Story…finding purpose, finding joy!

Lorna was selected Community Champion for the City of Woodstock, ON for February 2016, and RN Profile in the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) RN Journal July/August 2016. Lorna was a recipient of a CAPO Patients Included award for her family advocacy work at the International Psycho-Oncology Society (IPOS) conference in Banff September 2019 and as an American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Scientist-Survivor Program advocate in 2020. 

Lorna Larsen with Shanna Model Pics

“Making a difference for young women following in Shan’s footsteps”

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