ZSC Junior Spirit Award

Shanna Larsen Spirit Award

Thamesford Skating Club

This award focuses on personal achievement or accomplishments and embodies the qualities considered to be the spirit of skating-commitment, dedication, passion, triumph and talent. The award is in memory of Shanna Larsen. Shanna was a professional coach with our club for a very short time, but in the time that she was with us she left many lasting memories. We feel honoured to have had Shanna at our skating club and will miss her.

Shanna Larsen Junior Spirit Award

Shanna Larsen Spirit Award Recipients

2006 Recipient: Emma Jackson

This year’s recipient of the Shanna Larsen Spirit Award is Emma Jackson. She has been skating for five years and also enjoys reading, skiing, swimming and playing the piano. Emma was fortunate last year in having Shanna Larsen as her coach where they shared an enthusiasm and love of skating. Emma is thrilled to be awarded the Shanna Larsen Spirit Award and looks forward to skating next year!

Madagascar, 2006 Thamesford Skating Club Carnival

2007 Recipient: Kiara Jagoe

This year’s recipient of the Shanna Larsen Spirit Award is Kiara Jagoe.  Kiara’s first carnival was in 2001. She enjoys skating, swimming, soccer, computer games, skiing and scrapbooking.  Kiara is a girl guide and takes piano lessons. Her goals in skating are to have fun and try her best always. Her goals in life are to travel and make new friends.

Neverland on Ice, 2007 Thamesford Skating Club Carnival

2008 Recipient: Jennifer Cole

This year’s recipient of the Shanna Larsen Spirit Award is 7 year old Jennifer Cole.  Jennifer has been skating for 4 years.  Besides skating Jennifer enjoys reading, playing piano and just hanging around friends and family.

A Celebration of Canada, 2008 Thamesford Skating Club Carnival

2009 Recipient: Paige Morphew-Smith

This year’s recipient of the Shanna Larsen Spirit Award is Paige Morphew-Smith. Paige has been skating since she could walk and loves to be on the ice.  She has a positive attitude and is always wager to try new things and learn. This year, she made numerous gains in her skating skills and entered her first skating competition. When Paige is not skating, she can be found making jewellery, other crafts or scrap booking.

So You Think You Can Dance 2009, Thamesford Skating Club Carnival

2010 Recipient: Emily Barnes

A Year to Remember, 2010 Thamesford Skating Club Carnival

2011 recipient: Hannah Gray

2012 recipient:  Alicia Mauthe

2013 recipient: Shannon Woods

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